​​Church Officers


                                                                                                                   Phone Number                                E-Mail

Administrative Assistant

​Tonisha Sellars                                                                                                                                  tcsellars@yahoo.com 

Church Clerks
​Valerie J.  Sellars                                                                                   (336) 578-9540
Fran Edwards (Assistant)                                                                   (336) 538-9628


 Timothy Willis (Chairperson)                                                           (336) 213-0336                     

 Edward Graves (Vice Chair)                                                               (336) 226-9809

 Hubert Harrelson                                                                                 (336) 421-5270

 Alponza Yellock                                                                                     (336) 421-3343

 Percy Baynes                                                                                         (336) 694-6586 

Budget/Finance Committee

Faye Thorne (Chairperson)                                                                (336) 312-1964
Anthony Harris (Depositor)                                            
Roxie Lee (Treasurer)    

Ralph Day (Assistant Treasurer)                                                      
Constance Douglas (Financial Secretary)                              
Charlotte Yellock (Asst. Financial Secretary) 

Edward Graves         
Henry Kimber
Daron Sellars
Dorine Tate
Josephine Poole  

Timothy Willis



Daron Sellars (Chairperson)                                                              (336) 253-5405

Henry Kimber (Vice-Chair)

Ralph Day (Interim Secretary)

Wilson Chambers

William Pennix

Anthony Harris (In Training)

Peggy Johnson (In Training)

​Larry Pennix (In Training)

Josephine Poole (In Training)

Carrie Williams (In Training)


Dorine Tate (Chairperson)                                                                 (336) 584-6953

Dora Kimber (Vice-Chair)

Peggy Johnson

Geraldine Kimber

Wythene Parker (Honorary)

Josephine Poole

Juanita Willis



Sweet Gum Grove Missionary Baptist Church

"The Church where God gets the Glory and the People are His story"

  Our Mission Statement

8609 Highway 119 South
​Mebane, North Carolina  27302
​(336) 421-9642

To Magnify the Lord, Embrace one another in Christian love and Share the Gospel within the local and global communities.